Vibro Piling & Compaction

Vibratory techniques have become an increasingly popular to improve the load bearing capacity of the ground in preparation for foundations. This ground improvement method is cheaper alternative to traditional methods such as concrete driven piles and CFA piling. Added benefits include:  follow-on works can be started straight away and vibro piling is a more environmentally friendly solution. Vibro ground improvement strengthens the load bearing capacities of weak or filled soils to provide adequate support for foundations. After Vibro treatment has taken place, traditional reinforced concrete strip foundations or a raft/semi raft foundation can be used. Obviously, this will be as designed and recommended by a Structural Engineer to comply with the building control requirements. Vibro compaction is also an acceptable ground improvement technique for all the major home warranty and insurance providers.

At RPC we have specialized equipment to carry out a complete Vibro stone piling solution. Vibro stone piling is done by lowering large high powered vibrating probes from a specially designed rig into the targeted ground. The ground is then back filled with highly compacted aggregate or soil, causing the configuration of the ground to become denser thus making the soil more stable. Rubble from a demolition could also be used as an alternative to aggregate depending on the materials,and is a low cost alternative.

Vibro compaction is not substantial for all ground conditions due to the nature of different soil types.  This is why a site investigation report is essential for a structural engineer to ascertain its suitability. This site investigation report can also be arranged by the team at RPC if required.